Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle Puppies


“Skye is such an amazing puppy! She's been sleeping through the night, not whining when we put her in her crate and can already leave her for a couple hours at a time. She already knows ‘Come’, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Leave it’, and even ‘Shake!’ She is sooo smart, friendly, adventurous, and incredibly perfect.”

John R. – Salt Lake City, Utah

"I can't tell you how many times I think of you and the gift we have gotten from you in the way of Poppy!  She is an amazing addition to our family.  She is now 25 pounds and our "little fuzzy bear" as we like to call her.  She goes everywhere with us and is always complimented for her behavior.  She is amazing at soccer and lacrosse games and loves to play with other dogs wherever she goes. She has a HUGE personality but also loves to learn and has good and improving manners. The kids at camp are going to LOVE her! Thank you so much! Cheers!"

Melissa Y. – New Jersey

"Auggie is doing great and has been such a joy to have! He's weighing in at 35 pounds! I have been sending him to doggie daycare and every time he gets a gleaming report card. He gets comments like: 'so cute', 'pet me', 'confident', 'sweet', 'intelligent'. :) I can't thank you enough for this wonderful pup!"

Meghan S. – Chicago, Ill

“I can't tell you how much we love, love our little girl. She is well tempered, a total love bug and so friendly to all. Thank you for such a wonderful dog.”

Anne K. – Salt Lake City, Utah

"I wanted to share some pictures of Elle and how much she's grown in these last couple months. I also just wanted to thank you again for bringing her into my life, I will always be appreciative."

Ian Q.

"We are loving our new addition Noelle – we are calling her Nessie! Thank you so much for all the great training. She has been potty-trained to go outside in the same spot since she did it the first time after we got home. She is so smart!  She has also learned how to sit on command already."

Danielle M. – Utah

"We are in love!!! She is sooooooo sweet! She was very nervous on the plane home, but she was full of love and sweetness when we brought her in the house! She loves to sit on our laps and walk right at our feet (we have to be careful not to step on her!)"

Julie B. – Cincinnati, Ohio